Anarki is small bistro-style restaurant located in the Frederiksberg neighborhood of Copenhagen and is the sister restaurant of well-established Restaurant Mêlée. As opposed to the francophile Mêlée, the dogma of Anarki is that we don’t have any (dogmas).

We think that our menu speaks for itself. We are not compromised by having to cook only french or italian but can, as we don’t have any dogmas, let us inspire and travel (metaphorically speaking) all around the world. Influences constantly come in and wash away and we try to move a long with them, both feet on the ground. At the end of the day Anarki is a bistro and flavour is our ultimate achievement!

please note . Sundays we only offer one 4-course pre-fixed menu @ kr. 325 pr. person

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The wine list is managed by head sommelier, Emil Paag. The focus is on quality rather than ideology. If you are a lover of classic contemporary wines you will most likely find something to suit your taste and budget – same goes if you are overdosing on a natural wine trip. The list is a reflection of our personal taste and is ever evolving just as we all are.

In our heart we are all wine lovers and we often think that the food should compliment the wine – not vice versa!